Dec 16

I found Jean Luc-Godard’s A Bout de Soufflé (Breathless) to be quite interesting to say the least. I felt the beginning of the film when Michel was in the car talking to himself the movie felt like a documentary and not a traditional film. I didn’t really understand why he was so paranoid when the cops pulled him over and why he made the rash decision to shoot and kill the police officer. This movie confused me for the majority but still found a way to reel me in and interest me.

This movie confused me time in and time out starting from when he went to see the first girl I her small apartment asking for money. First off why would you ask someone that seems like they have trouble making money themselves for financial help, and I was confused as to who this woman was to Michel. Godard never made it clear that she was an ex-girlfriend, a cousin, sister, etc. That was very unclear to me. I also was confused when Michel first encountered Patricia, I didn’t know he knew her until he repeatedly asked her to sleep with him “again.”

I felt it was very bland that two thirds of the film was shot in bed or showing Michel smoking a lot of cigarettes. The entire plot of the movie was Michel trying to avoid the cops and get to Rome where he would be free and throughout the movie he never was really nervous he was being chased. I just felt that there was a lot of drama lacking in this film and it didn’t really make sense to me but for some reason it was still entertaining.

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