Dec 15

In my opinion Psycho was the best film we watched all semester. Before I came to this class this was one of the only Hitchcock classics I had not seen and I can’t believe I missed one of the best ones! I loved the way Anthony Perkins took on the role of Norman Bates. He was a quiet character that seemed like a nice guy when you first see him and then he shows the other, “psycho” side of him when he feels the need to murder. He reminded me a lot of modern day actor Andrew Garfield from The Social Network, in which he was very tall, goofy and kind of nerdy. It was kind of weird how similar they look and sound at times during the movie and if they were to make a modern day remake and I was directing it he would be the first person I ask.

This film has all the makings of a good modern day horror film and even though there wasn’t a lot of killing and blood it still kind of creeped me out. I think I wasn’t as scared as I could have been because in a way I liked Norman Bates. I was never truly scared of him because he doesn’t come off as a scary guy. He seems like a nice, nerdy, dorky kind of awkward guy that doesn’t want to harm anyone. Meanwhile he is a cold- blooded psychopath that says his mother kills the people and not him. The weirdest thing about that is that his mother has been dead for the last 10 years in the film and he had kept her body preserved in the house so it seemed like she was still alive and in a way she sort of lived through him.

I felt when Norman ran into the fruit cellar near the end of the film it truly got to be a “Horror” film. I never really labeled it as a horror until then when Norman was in the dress and the wig trying to be his late mother. This was the first time in the entire movie where I got the chills and that usually happens at least 4 or 5 times in modern day horrors. I got the chills at that scene and the very last scene when Norman was in solitary confinement by himself and the scene switched to the car being pulled out of the swamp. The movie got creepy in the last 15 minutes and that’s why I feel it was a great movie because Hitchcock did not overdo the gore and killings.




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